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Drive efficiency and accuracy through your operation.

All the tools you need to increase operational efficiency in an increasingly complex supply chain.

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More efficient picking, loading and shipping

Pick and stage product to get trucks in and out faster.

  • Pallet location Track product location within a warehouse down to the room, row, bin, and pallet level.
  • Product Reserves Reserve inventory for sales orders or transfers. Direct staff to load exactly as ordered.
  • Directed Pallet Picking Assure accurate, efficient picking for pallet consolidation.
  • Warehouse Transfers Real time monitoring of the movement of product within and between all of your facilities in real time.
  • Pallet Consolidation Combine multiple partial pallets onto a single pallet while maintaining traceability, inventory, and accounting integrity. Combine product from multiple growers or lots onto one pallet.

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Easy compliance with customer tagging requirements

A fully integrated RFID tagging module for programming product data into each tag.

  • Easily manage compliance with customer requirements
  • Assure product traceability
  • Track product in real time, as product moves within or between warehouses

Issue product onto complex repacking lines in real time

  • Enhanced accuracy for improved food safety and product traceability
  • All packout information is available immediately, in real time

Famous is fully integrated with your Famous ERP software so you can be confident that the data you are analyzing has been appropriately processed and optimized.