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Legendary Service and Support.

A team of experts focused on meeting the unique needs of the produce industry.


Personalized service for your unique business needs.

We are very proud of the comprehensive support we provide to Famous Software users. Famous Software users will tell you that we are known for our legendary support before and after the sale. From our Support Center, Technical Services and Custom Development teams to our Consultants and Training Professionals in the field, we think we have the best and the brightest people in place to serve you.

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Helping you get the most value from Famous technology.

Every Famous consultant develops a comprehensive understanding of each customer’s unique business requirements. Famous consultants develop system architecture, audit customer processes and identify opportunities for improvement and cost saving through technology or process changes, working to help you fine-tune operations and get the most out of our software.


Hands on education to ensure your company is running as efficiently as possible.

Our training is comprehensive and we stay with you and your staff through implementation and installation.

Technical Services

We put the right team in place to ensure a smooth technology transition.

Since Famous ERP Software integrates with all aspects of your operation, technical support is critical. We work closely with your in-house IT specialists or your outside consultants to set up and protect your Famous installation and related networking technology.

Custom Development

Creating specialized features or modifications to meet unique needs.

While Famous Software can be deployed directly "out of the box," many users request specialized features, reports, and other modifications. Our talented consultants and developers will assist you with the analysis and programming necessary to accomplish any custom configuration or modification.