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Inventory Management

Improve profitability with enterprise-wide control of real time inventory data.

Famous comprehensive Inventory Management tools enable you to get the right product to the right customer with remarkable efficiency.

Seamless tracking of inventory

Famous easily and accurately tracks product from field to warehouse to purchase.

Pinpoint the location of product.

Easily locate product in any warehouse or storage facility. Monitor and manage product in multiple trucks, docks, coolers and warehouses all in real time, giving you enterprise wide visibility to one of the most important areas of your operation

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The tools you need to efficiently produce value added finished products

  • Create production line work orders for field, packing shed or value added operations
  • Visualize and track production line input and output on a single screen
  • Maintain materials lists via Recipes and Bill of Materials features
  • Track yield percent
  • Prioritize deduction
  • Track duration in Inventory Units per Minute
  • Determine estimated time of completion

Shipping and receiving complexity, simplified

Revolutionize the way you ship. Accelerate loading and shipping functions. Manage complex truck scheduling, prioritize loads, manage multiple warehouses and view warehouses individually or as a group. With Famous, changing schedules is quick and easy with drag and drop action and automatic revisions of shipping lists.

Easily consolidate multiple partial orders onto a single pallet while maintaining the integrity of your traceability, inventory, and accounting data. Famous also enables you to combine product from multiple purchase orders or lots onto one pallet or truck load from multiple warehouses or storage rooms within your operation.

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Easily trace product to the single case

Tracing product down to a pallet, and even to a single case, makes it possible to monitor the quality, condition, and source of the products under your control. Famous exceeds regulatory compliance data collection standards and maintains all food safety regulatory information for received product so you are always prepared with answers before any questions are asked.

Famous also simplifies meeting regulatory compliance by giving you the ability to generate detailed traceability reports and complete food safety audits.

Famous Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to conveniently manage and control your inventory from any warehouse location in real time.

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