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Sales Management

The quickest, most efficient sales order management platform in the business.

The ability to see detailed, real time inventory information while handling a sales inquiry improves the odds of closing the sale and maximizing your profit.

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Build Better Customer Relationships

  • Quickly access your customers buying habits helping them make better product choices for the prices you’ve negotiated
  • Easily maintain and execute contracts with customers ensuring the right product and pricing
  • Manage On-Ad pricing and quantities
  • Real time communication with shipping staff to ensure the right product is going to your customer

Spend less time on data entry and more time managing customer relationships

  • Create Order Templates to manage consistent buying habits
  • Establish and auto populate pricing for different timeframes by customer and destination
  • Use Famous Integration Services

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Seamless tracking of inventory

Famous easily and accurately tracks product from field to warehouse to purchase.

Pinpoint the location of product

Easily locate product in any warehouse or storage facility. Monitor and manage product in multiple trucks, docks, coolers and warehouses all in real time, giving you enterprise wide visibility to one of the most important areas of your operation.

Our FIS features make efficient, accurate electronic produce trading a reality for both large and small enterprises.

Famous Integration Services (FIS) allows you to effortlessly trade with your customers and suppliers directly.

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