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Sourcing Management

Easily collect and organize the myriad of real time details associated with a customer's order.

Inquiries quickly turn into orders since your sales staff can easily see inventory, potential substitutions and future product availability. Real time inventory data is integrated so that you can reserve inventory currently being cooled or repacked. Products can be purchased from other sources while creating customer orders.

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Vendor Solutions

Efficiently manage and evaluate vendor contracts and performance.

  • Quickly access vendor data including purchase order history, total spend history, and active contracts
  • Efficiently track, measure and analyze supplier performance and risk

Grower Solutions

Maintain accuracy and flexibility in complex source-to-settle transactions.

  • Get real-time visibility into comprehensive supplier data
  • Execute instantaneous data calculations as transaction conditions change
  • Easily view and analyze your procurement history with each grower
Obtain the insights and reports you need, in multiple formats both you and your growers will appreciate.

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